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Files Or Reports

Incident Investigation – a safety challenge?

The need to provide incident reports to regulators gives rise to a safety paradox – what is apparently being done …

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The problem with incident investigation

Once an accidental injury has occurred, determining its exact cause and preventing future occurrences is an inexact science, at best. …

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Dynamic training: history does not have to repeat itself

The philosopher George Santayana noted, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” When serious or tragic …

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Production Line

The art of advocacy – getting productivity focused businesses to want to make safety changes

In some businesses safety is seen as a cost and compliance exercise which is at odds with achieving high productivity. …

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Tired Fireman

Wake up sleepy head

A recent study conducted by the University of Toulouse and published in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine “Chronic Effects of …

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Don’t be caught out as the weakest link!

Whilst WA has indicated it will not introduce the Heavy Vehicle National Laws, a key concept in the laws – …

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Breaking down barriers to safety

Are imaginary barriers between principal and contractors impacting on safety in your workplace? Is there an “us and them” mentality …

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Good workplace safety improves productivity

Taking steps to protect against workplace injury is good for productivity. A report issued by the University of Melbourne Centre …

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Managing safety in a multigenerational workforce

Safety leaders need to consider how they manage health and safety in a multi-generational workforce. What may need to be …

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Hook Mod

Achieving outstanding safety

For an outstanding safety outcome to be achieved a business needs to have defined what outstanding safety means for it …

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