Areas of practice

Awareness and prevention services

Minimising legal risk starts with pro-active awareness and prevention strategies. Our services include:

  • customising training to meet your specific business needs;
  • presenting on OHS duties to boards and associations and holding panel discussions;
  • developing OHS policies, compliance materials and online compliance tools; and
  • developing and organising private briefings, workshops and seminars on workplace law and occupational health and safety and other workplace relations interests.

Risk management and risk avoidance

Our risk management and risk avoidance services help our clients to manage OHS risks to avoid potential liability for businesses and their management. Our services include:

  • comprehensive due diligence inquiries and assessments when acquiring new businesses and/or operations;
  • assisting in the development and implementation of risk management  procedures, compliance systems and safety audits;
  • reviewing and advising on insurance contracts and coverage  including drafting and/or settling of contractual terms, and
  • drafting occupational health and safety clauses (including KPIs) in  contracts.

Incident management and defence

In the event of a workplace incident, we will support you by:

  • managing (on-site) the legal risks following safety incidents  including taking of witness statements, media strategy and regulators’ investigation;
  • advising in respect of improvement and prohibition notices;
  • negotiating with regulators over the scope of charges and plea bargains, and
  • acting in relation to commissions of inquiry, investigations, prosecutions, hearings, coronial inquests and any civil claims (contractual and personal injury) arising from workplace safety incidents.